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Friends Supporting Friends
Galaxy of Stars


Welcome. You have just landed on a very special place in cyberspace. Every star here represents a ten pound loss for Friends Supporting Friends members. If you are ready to make a personal commitment how about joining our "shooting stars." This indicates someone who recently joined our galaxy. A flashing gold star indicates a member who is within ten pounds of their goal. This special distinction  indicates someone at goal!!!


"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars." --- Les Brown 1928



 Amy ~  

AnnD ~

Artist(Kathy) ~

Beverly ~

Bonnie ~

Brad ~

Cindy ~

Cindylou ~

Dorian -

Fran ~

Gracie ~


Heather ~A shooting star

Jen ~

Karla ~

Krista ~

Mo ~

Paula ~

Penny ~

Pooh ~

Rachael ~

Shelley ~

Tami- ~

Tammie ~ 

Tigger ~

Trish ~ A shooting star...




Please note: Please keep your star status current. After six months of inactivity names will be removed.

Please let Penny or Krista know if you wish to be added, or your star status changes