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Gracie Visiting Dorian in Japan

 - March 2003~



Here's Gracie and Dorian looking cute and kicky!

This is a special kind of photo/sticker called "Purikura" (poo-ree-koo-rah).  Purikura are taken in a special photo booth.  After doing several poses, we're given the chance to decorate our pictures and write on them.  Then, when we're done, we can choose what size and how many stickers we want.  The photos peel off and you can place them anywhere just like stickers.  They're really fun to make and young Japanese people love to trade them.

Gracie & Dorian


Today (3/29) we went to a beautiful waterfall on the side of a mountain/volcanoe chain in southern Nagasaki.  After spending an hour alone together, finally 2 Japanese girls came by and were kind enough to take our picture for us.  Though it may appear that Grace is the taller of the two, LET IT BE KNOWN that she is standing on higher ground.  :O)  Aren't we just the cutest?



Dorian & Gracie